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Online Leadership Development

The IELC subscribes to principles of quality web-based teaching and learning which are informed by problem-based constructivist approaches to online learning and consistent with outcomes based learning. This form of online learning supports the working professional by:

– Allowing for asycnronistic participation, providing participants autonomy over when and where they engage with peers, instructors and course materials.

– Emphasising real-life experiences through simulation and application exercises.

– Promoting the development of an international professional learning network with peers, practitioners and scholars from around the region.

– Incorporating a rich variety of media designed to contextualise and elaborate learning in context.

Flexible Structure and Innovative Learning

The curriculum allows participants to maintain full-time employment while studying. All taught courses are designed to be delivered entirely by the web. Innovative instructional approaches include simulations, inquiry-driven and problem-based learning, interactive video conferencing, video-based case studies and self-assessments. All learning is practice-focused, informed by research, and aims to build upon participants’ knowledge and experience.

Global Reputation and Alliances

The IELC is delivered by the Department of Education Policy and Leadership and the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change. The APCLC is rapidly earning a reputation as Asias leading centre for educational leadership training and research. Building on the centre’s strategic alliances, the IELC offers practicing school leaders the opportunity to engage with influential international scholars.

World-Class Regionally-Focused Teachers

The educators who lead and teach the IELC include Asian and Western trained professors and practicing, experienced educational leaders who are recognised for their work across a range of schools in the Asia Pacific and beyond. The faculty includes world-class researchers.

International Scope and Content

Curriculum content is grounded in the Asia Pacific context but draws on global and international resources and insights. With its explicit global-local focus and emphasis on intercultural leadership, the programme is ideal for leaders working in international schools or other schools seeking to develop international perspectives and partnership and ‘give-back’ to the profession in the region.

World-Class Executive Development

Participants will take part in a residential School Improvement Institute during the course. Experts from around the world will contribute to the Institute as well as all other courses. The Institute provides an excellent forum to network and learn from both researchers and other experienced educational leaders. Basic accommodation expenses will be covered for one Institute. Participants may elect to join a second Institute in lieu of one taught course.

Networking Opportunities

IELC participants are all experienced leaders working in the Asia Pacific region. By interacting with participants and staff from other cultures and contexts, participants will not only develop new perspectives on their work roles and organisations but also a strong network of similarly placed executives.

Gateway to Further Study

Graduates are equipped with the capacity to apply theoretical and research-based developments to their current and future professional practice; as such they are prepared for higher level doctoral study.

International Baccalaureate Authorised

Participants can elect to earn two IB certificates by completing the IELC
– IB Certificate in Leadership Pracitce
– IB Advanced Certificate in Leadership Research

Cambridge Assessment International Education Authorised

Participants can elect to earn two CIES certificates by completing the IELC
– Cambridge International Certificate in Educational Leadership
– Cambridge International Diploma in Educational Leadership

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